Becoming Amazon 5 day Full Mind and Body Reset

Welcome to the 5 Day Becoming Amazon Full Mind and Body Activation!

This is our signature foundations course in which you’ll gain understanding about the Amazon Activation movement methodology while creating deeper connection and clarity within yourself.  The 5 day workshop is a unique deep dive into connecting with your true power sources and opening up new gateways and portals of your untapped potential. After this week you will feel rejuvenated, strong, and more like yourself than you have in a long time! 

The Becoming Amazon workshop was created as an offering to help pinpoint your internal blocks and to help you move through them with ease and grace. I want this program to serve you in feeling strong in your body and mind again!

Throughout the 5 days you’ll gain access to each new movement video and meditation everyday along with a daily email from me. Daily lessons and additional practices that go hand in hand with the day’s  movement session can be found in the downloadable workbook. While the workshop is only 5 days long you do have lifetime access to use it. I recommend putting this course in your personal tool kit and checking back in as needed. You can work at your own pace, breaking up the days as they feel most aligned for you. The structure of the days is ideal when done as follows:

  1. movement
  2. meditation
  3. journaling

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You need an energy boost to get more clear, focused, and centered
  • Your are curious about the Amazon Activation method and want to know more
  • Your feel you need to shift something in your life but don’t know where to start
  • You need change and aren’t ready to commit to a longer program
  • You want to feel strong in your body again
  • You just feel called to give it a go!

While this course is only 5 days, it is super powerful!


After taking this workshop I uncovered and connected to deeper layers of myself and was finally able to move through and release old transgenerational patternings that had been weighing on my soul. Thank you!
I’ve been practicing yoga for about 4 years and most recently I’ve been focused more inward and on slower movement. During this workshop I realized just how much I missed moving my body in this dynamic way. The effects are so wonderful! I find I am actually able to rest deeper after having moved my body in this way. What an experience! Thank you!
Hi Fruzsi! I just finished with Day 4 of the Mind and Body Reset and it was amazing! I was smiling the entire time, I also laughed, said a few curse words :), and then laughed even harder. I danced a little and it felt great! The music really hits home, I listen to the playlists throughout the day. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience! I can’t wait for day 5! Thank you!
Fruzsi, I am SOOO grateful to have the opportunity to llearn from you! I revisited the 5 Day Mind and Body Reset workshop and I have grown so much in strength and expanded so much this second time around. I felt so calm, cleansed and clear, like the surface of water. Thank you!

The Becoming Amazon 5 day Mind and Body Reset workshop activates the deepest parts of your body along with laying the foundations for a deep soul level connection to yourself. During the course of the week we’ll work with the energy centers in the body which serve as guides to help pinpoint blocks but also to help you develop a connection to the unique messaging of your body.

Start today!

Your investment: $ 222

Additional benefits:

Lifetime access

Available anywhere

Go at your own pace

Your investment:

$ 222


If you are still on the fence or have any questions feel free reach out to me and I am happy to offer assistance!

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