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We offer mini movement based activations and meditations based on emotional states that will help you unblock, cleanse, and clear specific energies from the body helping to lift your frequency and stabilize your nervous system.

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Movement Sequences


Powerless, lacking in confidence, afraid to take action, needing a push and encouragement, needing reassurance

Confidence Boost

A quick confidence activation to get you feeling strong and powerful in your body.


overwhelmed, needing clarity, uncertainty, clouded by fearful thoughts, worried and anxious, stuck in your head, spiraling thoughts

Anxiety, Worry, Fear

Come back into your body to feel safe and grounded, clearing out anything that is blocking you from living in the present. Move through overthinking and negative spiraling with ease and grace


Hard time asking for what you need, Need clarity on what it is that you need, Self compassion, giving yourself permission to need support, for overwhelm, not feeling seen/heard, overlooked/unimportant

Getting needs met/needing support

If you're feeling overwhelmed, a little lost, or a lot on your plate.


need clarity, overwhelmed, letting go, needing time for self, stuck in monkey mind, need a break, energy boost, shift in perspective, cleansing and clearing stuck emotions

Creating Space

This movement sequence is for you if you need to distance yourself from your emotions to gain clarity or deeper insight to a situation.


need a release, feeling stuck in dynamics of fear, feeling like you can't do anything right, needing time for yourself but don't know how to ask, afraid to take action, neglecting self

Releasing emotions/Mom guilt

When feelings of guilt come up.


grief, sadness, anger, unforgiveness, feeling judged/in a judgemental, headspace, self compassion, unconditional love, to feel deeper, practice gratitude, feeling misunderstood, not accepted, lonely

Heart Codes

This movement sequence will help you cleanse and clear anything that is weighing heavy on your heart.


overwhelmed, out of balance, anxious too much is going on needing stability being held safety, security activation


Come back into feeling safe, secure, grounded, and present in your body, connect in to the here and now.


insecure, worried, unsure, uncertain, questioning, afraid of what others think, trust in self and capabilities, navigating changes, transitional times


Bring yourself back into alignment, feeling supported, trust in yourself and surroundings.


acceptance of self and others, process and move through heavier feelings and blocks, holding onto anger, resentment, sadness, hold space for self and where you are


Move into forgiveness by letting go of negative attachments and opening the heart wider.


hard time saying no, afraid of saying yes, standing firm in self, keeping promises to self, not negotiating boundaries, having the right to own feelings and needs, asking for what you want


Learn to stand firm in your boundaries as you solidify a deep connection to yourself and your needs.


feeling angry, rage, feeling unheard, unseen, disrespected, overlooked, like you don't matter, unappreciated, unacknowledged, held down, suppressed/oppressed


Create a portal for heavier emotions and sacred rage to move through with ease and grace.

Mikor használd:

amikor szükséged van tisztánlátásra, túlterhelt vagy, elengedésre van szükséged, időre van szükséged, énidő esedékes, beragadtál a túlgondolkodásba, szünetre van szükséged, nézőpontváltás, tisztítás és megszabadulás a beragadt érzelmektől


Ez a mozgássorozat neked szól, amikor szükséged van arra, hogy eltávolítsd magad az érzelmeidtől, hogy tisztábban láss vagy mélyebb betekintést nyerj egy helyzetbe.

Mikor használd:

Nehéz időt kérni, nehezen látod, hogy mire van szükséged pontosan, Önmegértés, engedélyezd magadnak, hogy szükséged van támogatásra, túlterheltség esetén, nem érzed magad látva/hallva, figyelmen kívül hagyva/nem fontosnak tartva


Ha túlterheltnek érzed magad, kissé elveszettnek, vagy sok dolgod van.

Mikor használd:

Amikor bűntudat, lelkiismeret-furdalás érzések merülnek fel, benne ragadtál nehezebb érzelmekben

Mom guilt, Elengedés

Amikor bűntudat, lelkiismeret-furdalás érzések merülnek fel, benne ragadtál nehezebb érzelmekben

Mikor használd:

Erőtlen, önbizalom-hiányos, cselekvéseidben félénk, lökésre és bátorításra szorulónak.


Egy gyors önbizalom aktiválás, hogy erősnek érezd magad a testedben és hatalmadban az életedben.


Lack and Scarcity

Use this activation in times when old scarcity and lack programming get triggered. Move beyond feelings of not good enough and never having or being enough into full abundance and high self worth.

Getting Clear on Action

This mediation will help you get clear on what action steps to take next in times of uncertainty. You can use this activation to receive clear guidance and to feel confident and strong in your decisions.

Full Body Calibration

This mediation is a powerful activation to awaken your energy centers and bring them back to maximum capacity. A deep cellular restructuring bringing full balance and alignment to your body.

Emotional Clearing

This meditation will release emotional residue and debris from your body structure activating a deep sense of connection and clarity.

Heart Centering

A deep heart center activation cleansing and clearing out the heart space to allow the true essence of acceptance, forgiveness, unconditionality, and compassion to move through your body.

Highest Self Activation

This mediation will connect you to your highest self and your highest knowing. Build trust and deeply connect to what serves your best and highest good.

Expand Into Your Vision

This activation will help you connect you to your next level vision, goal, or desire and help you fully expand and feel into the endless and limitless possibilities that await you as you open up beyond your limits.

Recalibrated Inner Child

Receive a deep inner child healing with this activation to help align you with your visions, goals, desires, and needs. Feel into the possibilities that await when you begin to experience life from a deeply healed inner child.
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